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Spider Vein Treatment

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Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins may appear on your face, legs, or other parts of your body. They’re easily visible on the surface of your skin, which can significantly affect its appearance. The team of physicians at MDCS Dermatology: Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, with offices in Manhattan, Hampton Bays, Commack, Smithtown, and Plainview, New York, as well as Clifton, Marlboro and Englewood, NJ, offers non-invasive spider vein treatment to eliminate them. To find out more about spider vein treatment, call or schedule an appointment online at the office nearest you today.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are thin lines that appear on the surface of the skin. These red, blue, or purple lines appear in clusters and look like spiderwebs.

Veins are blood vessels that return blood back to your heart for reoxygenation. Valves in these veins open and close to help push the blood forward. 

Spider veins appear when there’s damage to a valve or the wall of a vein. The damage affects the normal flow of blood, allowing it to flow backward and pool. The pooling blood causes the veins to swell and branch out, creating the visible spider veins.

Your risk of developing spider veins increases as you get older. Hormonal changes, sunlight, and injuries may also cause them. 

Spider veins can appear anywhere on the body, but they most often affect the face and legs. 

What is spider vein treatment?

Spider vein treatment includes various medical therapies to eliminate spider veins.

MDCS Dermatology: Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery uses Vasculaze by InMode™ for spider vein treatment. Vasculaze is a non-invasive vascular lesion treatment for spider veins, facial vines, and broken capillaries.  

What can I expect during spider vein treatment?

Spider vein treatment at MDCS Dermatology: Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery is a quick in-office procedure. The team customizes your treatment plan based on the location and size of your spider vein or vascular lesion.

Vasculaze has an ergonomic head that allows your dermatologist to accurately pinpoint the hemoglobin in the visible vein, destroying it without damaging the skin. The unique design improves comfort and safety. 

What happens after spider vein treatment?

Most people return to their usual activities after spider vein treatment at MDCS Dermatology: Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery. The team recommends protecting your treated skin from the sun with sunscreen or clothing to prevent hyperpigmentation.

You may notice improvements in your spider veins after your first session. However, the team may recommend a series of spider vein treatment sessions to get the best results. 

With advances in aesthetic technology, you can effectively eliminate spider veins. Call MDCS Dermatology: Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery or schedule your spider vein treatment appointment online today.