Protect Your Head with The Right Hat.

Galapagos, Ecuador ( December 31, 2010) – Many dermatologists advise patients to wear a hat when outside.  However, most hats do not offer much protection because they are not resistant to ultraviolet radiation or don’t have an side-of-face coverage.  Pictured below is one of our dermatologists wearing inadequate head gear for the beach.  His hat offers no side protection and lets ultraviolet light pass through.  The SPF rating on most canvas baseball hats is only SPF 2-10.  The child in the photo is wearing a well-ventilated wide brimmed hat with SPF 85 rating.  The hat does not eliminate need for sunblock in this environment but helps with scalp and neck protection.

Solumbra, Coolibar, and REI are good places to start looking for the right hat that looks good and provides adequate sun protection.  Ask one of our staff to advise you regarding other SPF rated clothing.