Ask Dr. Amin

November 2011

Q. Excessive underarm sweating and clammy palms bother me on a daily basis. How can I stay dry and keep my perspiration at bay?

A. This condition is known as hyperhidrosis and it affects up to an estimated 1% of adults.  Excessive sweating can affect not only the underarms and palms, but the soles of the feet and the face as well.  For the under arm’s simply try a daily regimen of applying antiperspirants right after showering in the morning or before going to bed.  This will aid in reducing the total amount of sweat produced.  Generally antiperspirants are optimized if you limit the amount you sweat after application.  The key ingredient in deodorants is that of aluminum chloride.  Aluminum chloride is what helps to constrict the sweat glands, limit sweating, and distinguishes itself from deodorants which simply camouflage odor.  However, if your typical over the counter anti-perspirant isn’t cutting it, there are other products on the market like Drysol which can be used for excessive sweating of the underarms, palms, and feet.  Another option, which is heavily recommended to consult with a doctor first, is therapeutic Botox treatment.  Though this method involves injections to the troublesome site, results are can be dramatic and effective.